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Online (Laulima) Course for Hawai`i Community College


FAMR 230 – Human Development



Required Textbook: Human Development: A Cultural Approach, 2nd Edition, REVEL from Pearson.com

Course Description:

We will look at our journey of human development from conception through the last years we have in life, as we look at the latest theories and research in this topic. This course examines the physical, cognitive and psychosocial development for each age.


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I will be on Sabbatical during Fall Semester 2018 and will return for Spring Semester 2019. Watch for more information on the schedule of courses. Tentative courses for Spring 2019 will include:


o   WS 175W

o   WS 176W

o   PSY 260


o   WS 151W

o   PSY 230